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Qualified Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

Louise has been a practitioner of yoga for over 25 years and her passion for healing through movement and breath work lead her to curate a yoga practice that draws upon a variety of disciplines that realign and balance the energy body.

Louise has been teaching mindfulness meditation as part of her personal wellness venture and within the global health care company where she works as a performance and change manager.

Louise has recently developed a passion for holding sacred space and ceremony which will be a nourishing offering on the retreat.

Find out more about Louise on her website.

Phil Kelly

Olympic Human Performance Coach

Phil is a Olympic Human Performance Coach, award winning business owner and TED Speaker who loves to build positive relationships with clients, having designed and delivered successful training packages worldwide across various industries.


Following a short career as a professional footballer and 12 years in the Military, Phil is now regarded as one of the leading performance Coaches in the UK and counts Olympic Champions and FTSE 100 Execs as clients.


He uses his passion alongside his academic background within education and leadership to design and develop bespoke development packages.


Phil enjoys public speaking and can be seen throughout the year at various events all around the world where he delivers engaging talks around current themes and challenges faced by organisations.

Find out more about Phil on his website

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Adam Laidler

Psychotherapist, Coach and Speaker

Adam is an experinced psychotherapist, coach and public speaker with a passion for helping and inspiring others to reach ther potentail. 

Adams Practise is founded upon the very latest scientific reserach , which he blends with a sense of pragmatism and compassion, he also believes that there is ample space for humour in the therapy room. 

Find out more about Adam on his website


Creative and Expressive Art Coach

Mark has a BA Honours in fine Art & Sculpture and a passion and desire for igniting peoples creative spirit and extrapolating deep emotions.


Through his coaching Mark has seen how art has the potential to heal and how the art-making process and creative therapies can be a reparative and a holistic approach for people to develop new ways of being and relating while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves, and building on self-empowerment

Find out more about Mark on his website

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