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Euphrenity offers a number of psychological courses, workshops and retreats that have been created by Lisa Upton and a team of world leading neuro psychologists and human performance coaches. The content has been designed to teach people how to live more consciously, more mindfully and more intuitively with a focus on growth, connection, contribution, appreciation, nutrition, movement and exercise.

As part of the courses, workshops and retreats, Individuals will be provided with a range of tools and techniques including Integrative Behavioural Psychology and Hypnotherapy, so that they have a clear understanding of how to maintain and sustain heightened levels of euphoria and serenity. 

We offer the folllowing trianinng: 

The Insight Code - 2 hour introductory session. 

The Emotion Code - 1 day course 

The Resilience Code -  2 day workshop

The Reset Code -  5 day fully immersive workshop retreat 

The content of the course/workshops have been developed with neuro researchers and neuro scientists at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery. 

Courses, workshops and workshop retreats are available to individuals through the events booking system. 

Corporate groups should contact us directly.

what you'll learn

The Insight Code

2 hour taster session

The Insight Code will showcase a high level view of the the neuroscience of human behaviour, giving insight into why we as human species do what we do. This taster session willl also provide individuals with some simple tools and techniques that will help improve and maintain mental wellbeing.

The Emotion Code

1 day course

The Emotion Code will provide individuals with a deeper understanding of how they can improve mental wellbeing, through the fundamentals of conscious living, elevation of the right hemisphere and extrapolation of personal element and intuition. The one day course will also provide individuals with a basic understanding of the neurological effects of nutrition, movement and exercise.

Individuals will leave with a number of useful tools and techniques designed to help access higher levels of conciousness


THe Resilience code 

2 day workshop

Euphrenity - The Resilience Code.png

The Resilience Code will take individuals on a transformational journey of education & self discovery. 

Day 1

Individulas will delve deep into the neurological science behind conscious living, elevation of the right hemisphere and the extrapolation of personal element and intuition.

Individuals will be provided with various training tools & techniques from a range of integrative behavioural psychotherapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and kundalini yoga which will maintain, improve and increase mental wellbeing, human performance and resilience. 

Individulas will spend the night in a beautiful lodge nestled in the Snowdonia National Park and will be catered for by a private chef specialising in neuro nutrition.

Day 2

Individuals will spend the day climbing Snowdon with an ex military mountaineering guide and human performance coach where they will learn more about growth mindset and personal resilience.

Individulas will leave the workshop with the tools they need to acquire, maintain and  sustain euphoria and serenity. 

The reset code

5 day workshop Retreat

Euphrenity - The Reset Code.png

The Reset Code will take individuals on a Six day fully immersive transformational journey of self discovery and enlightenment. 


During the course of the workshop retreat individuals will delve deeper into the Neuro science behind the three elements of Euphrenity which include the focussed delivery of conscious living, elevation & alignment of the right hemisphere and the extrapolation of personal element & intuition. 

This is a unique transformational experience in which candidates will be challenged to learn more about themselves and their behaviours together with learning more about the neuroscience and psychology of metal wellbeing, growth mindset and resiliance.

The content of the 6 days immersive workshop retreat integrates varying forms of positive integrative behavorial psychology, mindfulness, hypnotheraphy, Kundalini Yoga, art therapy, nutrition and movement. This will be delivered by the Euphrenity team who are experts in their respective fields.

In combination, the methadologies and practises will provide candidates with the tools they need to maintain, improve and increase psychological and physical wellbeing and ignite heightened levels of euphoria and serenity. 

Individuals will spend 6 nights in a beautiful farmhouse retreat deep in  the spiritual mountains of Deia Mallorca.



I honestly can’t thank you enough, Lisa and team Euphrenity - you have truly opened my eyes! The knowledge you have of the human brain is incredible, for the first time in my life I was able to understand myself, my behaviours and my responses to certain situations and this in itself was life changing for me. I took part in the 21 Day Euphrenity challenge and I’m pleased to say that 37 days i am still continuing to take part in it, you were right! The actions that made up the challenge became habitual and now all form part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend Euphrenity to anyone who is thinking about attending - I believe that it should be a mandatory course at HSBC as it makes such an incredible difference to people.

—  Anne S, Swansea


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