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Euphrenity was established in 2016 by Lisa Upton who wanted to create a business built on her passions which include Human Behavioural Psychology, Individual Mental Wellness, Employee Wellbeing and Human Performance.

Through many years of research studies and experience, Lisa and her team concluded that to cultivate individual psychological wellbeing and positive workplace wellness there has to be elements of psychological education, awareness and understanding. 

In organisations it has been proven that a proactive organisational strategy for Mental Health & Wellbeing together with having an organisational approach that encourages societal and environmental workplace change can be a significant performance enhancer and reduce levels of psychological illness, increase retention and reduce attrition.

Lisa and her team now work with both individuals and some of the largest corporate organisations across the globe including The World Health Organisation, Mental health First Aid UK, and Mind - helping them to cultivate, design, deliver and embed Psychological Wellbeing Programs for employees across business.

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Lisa is highly motivated individual with a huge passion and desire for helping and inspiring others to reach their true potential, which was born from her own personal transformational journey of undergoing a 10 hour awake craniotomy to remove a lesion in the left side of her brain.

Through this experience Lisa started to work with world leading Neurologists, Neuro Psychologists and Neuro Researchers at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) and University College London Hospitals (UCLH) to understand more about the limitless possibilites of the human mind.

Lisa is TedX presenter, respected speaker and accomplished coach and trainer who believes that everyone has the ability to create their own lasting euphoria and serenity through accessing the concious mind.

Lisa's aim and mission is to share with the world just how this can be achieved through the practises of Euphrenity.

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