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maintaining, improving & increasing wellbeing performance & resilience

Euphrenity offers 1:1 Coaching for individuals who are looking to develop themselves and move towards certain life Goals. Different coaching styles are available and are dependent on the clients goals. The Euphrenity team hold  ILM level 7 Qualification and are regulated and authorised by the Institute of Learning Management, between them they have a wealth of experience and have coached Olympians athletes to CEO's


I honestly can’t thank you enough, Lisa and team Euphrenity - you have truly opened my eyes! The knowledge you have of the human brain is incredible, for the first time in my life I was able to understand myself, my behaviours and my responses to certain situations and this in itself was life changing for me. I took part in the 21 Day Euphrenity challenge and I’m pleased to say that 37 days i am still continuing to take part in it, you were right! The actions that made up the challenge became habitual and now all form part of my daily routine. I would highly recommend Euphrenity to anyone who is thinking about attending - I believe that it should be a mandatory course at HSBC as it makes such an incredible difference to people.

—  Anne S, Swansea

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